domenica, novembre 23, 2008

Famous quote of Napoleon

* I showed France what they could do
* The most dangerous adviser is the self-respect
* Those who fail never hesitate
* A free people respect the persons and property
* The man almost never obeys his character, but often sells for passion
* The priests must occupy Affairs celestial
* The circumstances are men
* Do everything you want is a man, do what you want, it would be by God
* He who saves his homeland does not violate any law
* The heart of a man of state must be in his head
* Nothing is more difficult to decide
* The anarchy is often the antechamber of absolute power
* The love of country is the first virtue of civilized
* You judge people by their actions
* Courage is like love, hope wants to eat
* We need to know how to take
* Is always doing things harmful to the middle
* The title of Emperor not ever lose
* Luck is a genuine courtesan
* The real men are rare
* I give an order, or I shut up
* This is not the political sentiment
* Respect the people you freed
* The throne is a piece of wood covered with velvet
* The only victory against love is the escape
* The heart can be torn, but the mood definite
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